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The Kimberleys and Beyond.

This is a book of selected images from a recent trip to the Kimberleys and Northern Territory.

with many wonderful photo's of the Bungle Bungle, Windjana Gorge, Fitzroy River,

Mornington Wilderness Camp and many other marvelous locations, the trip covered a distance of over

eleven thousand kilometers and two months of traveling.

I have also published a Soft Cover version of this book with a few extra photographs,

you can view this book or my Other books at Blurb books.

Australian Landscapes.  A Photographic Journey.                                                                                             

This book is the culmination of eight years of taking photographs at some of my favorite places,

all these images have been taken with digital cameras.

My equipment consisted of a Pentax istd 6 megapixel and a Pentax K20D 14 megapixel cameras

Sigma 18 - 50mm, Sigma 12 - 24mm EX DG, Sigma 50 - 500mm EX DG. lenses

The book was published through Blurb in November 2010

You can view a preview of this book at this link

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Black & White Landscapes.  Shades of Grey.

This book consists of 68 Black & White images from over eight years of photography,

these images have been created with both Large Format  5x4 and Digital cameras ,

a preview of the book can be viewed  at this link

Dont sign in Type Authors name in Search box ( Brian Houlihan )